May Live Online GRE Test Prep: May 2nd through May 23rd. [Registration Link in Right Margin]

Get 16 hours to 21 hours of direct, lively instruction! Get the affordable price of $360. Register Now!

  • Schedule (see home page for a calendar view): Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays May 2, 4, 11, 16, 18 and 23rd and Saturday the 18th. [Next course: July 10th start.] The optional Math Skill Reboot (May 6th and 9th) is on a Saturday 9:30 a.m. and Tuesday 7 p.m.  Participate live from your living room with others, absorbing Mark’s outstanding, unique explanations, demonstrations, strategies and insights while building confidence and test savvy. And it’s easy to get online!
  • Costs: Get the Prep (almost 16 hours of direct, high-quality instruction) for just $360.  The optional Math Skill Reboot (May 6th and 9th) if your math skill feels puny (another 4-1/2 hours)  is just $130. [Registration Link in Right Margin]
  • Later Courses:  July 7th start.

Mark is the instructor thousands appreciated when he offered his approach and unique style in his Seattle center and at the University Of Washington, sponsored by the UW Women’s Center over a period of years.  Now you can get his live teaching and crucial information online in your own living room! And in a format that “feels like a classroom” with 2-way video, small group breakouts, discussion. Sessions are recorded for replay or for missed sessions.

Mark gives you access to time-tested subtle strategies on all three sections: Verbal, Writing, Math.The over 16 hours  of 2 1/4 hour meetings are power-packed, interactive, and direct-instructed.

Four and a half more hours almost magically transforms your sagging math skill into a real tool that can then be honed for strategy by the GRE Prep classes.  That’s the optional Math Skill Reboot Class. Rusty math skills may have seemed a barrier to your going forward for years–clean them up once and for all. Register for a sale price of $120 to get an intensive one-of-a-kind seminar on one Saturday mid-morning and one Tuesday evening: May 6th and 9th. Expect an interest-grabbing, powerful Math Review seminar that removes rust and fear from old pre-algebra/algebra skills, as well as new number theory/data/probability/story problem concepts found on the GRE.

GRE Course Breakdown & Syllabus

  • First two meetings:
    In depth, “under the hood” introduction to the revised test and new question formats as the computer sees them
    How to intelligently set and frame your GRE study and score goals
    Understanding and demonstrating how both sides of the brain need activation
    Overall point-gaining examination strategies
    Ways of changing self-destructive test attitudes
    How to choose and quickly obtain the most effective, individualized study and testing resources
    A strong introduction to the format, strategies, and psychology of the math section
  • Next Two and One-Half Meetings:

A “full deck” of effective, widely applicable strategies in the many math areas. (Pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, Venn diagrams, and statistics in the new tricky question formats of the GRE math section. Basic principle: Less work done strategically trumps heavy lifting and slogging through problems the long way.

  • Final Two and One-Half Meetings:

Powerful ways to crack the several new verbal question formats are given in a systematic way with in-depth discussion. Then the two analytic writing tasks are analyzed from a variety of angles while examples are considered in depth. Further test attitude work and study guidelines are also given.

Easy Prep Registration:

+ Secure online payment (see the link)
+ You can also call Mark Wahl Learning Services at 360-221-8842
+ You can also email Mark at [email protected] to present any questions you may have.

Booking Your Test: The General GRE test itself is registered separately from this course. You can get information on many aspects of the GRE General Test from the ETS Company at For those in the Seattle area the Mountlake Terrace Prometric Test Center is closest (with a Puyallup one near Tacoma). It is booked through or 800-GRE-CALL for actual registration. You can choose an individual time and date for your GRE test taking. If you find yourself too rushed after scheduling you can reschedule up to 10 days before your test date for an extra fee (worth it if you still are not rightly psychologically or mentally positioned for the test).

NOTE on Math Skills: This course assumes a functioning ability with pre-algebra/algebra/geometry skills, as well as new number theory/data/probability/story problem concept areas well as some new data items that have been added (like the normal curve and standard deviation). If you feel you are too rusty, uninformed, or never very successful in math, or you have math fears, please consider this single-session (4-1/4 hours) taught by nationally recognized math learning specialist Mark Wahl: the Math Skill Reboot Course (see information above and registration links on this page).
Study Materials:

The pricey courses supply all study materials, it’s true, many of which are tedious or not adapted to your learning style. While Mark also gives out informative classroom handouts, you get to select and buy your own study books that meet your personal learning needs. How? Mark Wahl carefully guides you through a small list of tried-and-true resources: your individualized choices may total $40-$100.They are easily available ordered online.

So, sign up for expert training, good accessibility to the right study resources, and a more personal, interactive, incisive, direct approach with less fluff than the corporate blue chip classes…all at a supremely affordable price. By the way, it’s effective! See a sample of our many positive testimonials.