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More about this course: Created exclusively by Mark Wahl, and resembling ones he created previously, attended by many hundreds of satisfied students at the University of Washington, it’s not a typical corporately-cloned, bland fact-hash! Mark is an original!

Expect, with Mark’s approach, to experience confidence, real clarity, common sense, very personal treatment, and sporadic humor as you tackle the new GRE. He can also speak with you about any unique situations you face with prep. Expect no less than that his widely acclaimed GRE Prep Course will lead you through a transformation of your approach to the GRE. You will get access to time-tested subtle strategies for taming the New Revised GRE formats of all three sections: Verbal, Writing, and Math. Seven two-hour online seminars are power-packed, interactive, friendly and personal, yet in the convenience of your home.

Mark is not trained by a corporate manual! He is an educational specialist of years’ experience who custom-designed and taught his own SAT, GMAT and GRE courses as well as the version which became a popular condensed GRE prep course at his training facility and at the University Washington Women’s Center, lasting for years and serving thousands.

Now you can get Mark’s expertise in a dramatically improved, expanded online format, for which you can conveniently register by Paypal or credit card. Not sure what you need? Take his free personal assessment (followed by phone discussion of your needs) to see how you look before starting prep. And feel free to call 360-221-8842 if you wish to personally discuss with Mark any aspect or concern .

You get a “safety net”: another support available to Mark’s GRE students: Master Tutoring. Click the link to see how Mark’s inimitable tutoring ability can push a student “over the hump” when scores seem stuck at a certain level despite all the study. Skype-tutoring is available and can be arranged relatively flexibly after you have taken the course. In certain unusual instances Mark is willing to tutor a student even when he/she hasn’t taken his prep course.

Who is Mark Wahl? He is a nationally recognized math learning specialist and writer. As a multi-published author he has experienced writing skills and and a large vocabulary. Because of his educational expertise in tapping the multiple intelligences and both hemispheres of the brain for learning, his GRE Prep Course is unique and highly successful in all of the math, verbal and critical writing formats. He regularly receives appreciation and referrals from schools and the thousands of GRE students he has helped to prepare for the GRE in the Seattle metro area.

GRE Course Breakdown & Syllabus:

First two meetings

In depth, “under the hood” introduction to the revised test and new question formats as the computer sees them. How to intelligently set and frame your GRE study and score goals. Understanding and demonstrating how both sides of the brain need activation. Overall point-gaining examination strategies. Ways of changing self-destructive test attitudes. How to choose and quickly obtain the most effective, individualized study and testing resources. A strong introduction to the format, strategies, and psychology of the math section.

Second Two Meetings

Rust? fuzziness? Slow, plodding skills in math? The next two meetings are the Math Reboot class efficiently, expertly removes rust and fear from old pre-algebra/algebra skills, as well as new number theory/data/probability/story problem concepts found on the Revised GRE. For those who have any issues with readiness of math skills needed for the test, you can get a far fuller math experience if you take the Math Skill Reboot also. It’s just what you hoped for to streamline your math skill learned with “the math teacher you should have had.”

The Next Two and One-Half Meetings

A “full deck” of effective, widely applicable strategies in the many math areas. These include pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, Venn diagrams, and statistics in the new tricky question formats of the GRE math section. Basic principle: Less work done strategically means less heavy lifting, not doing problems the long way.

Final Two and One-Half Meetings

Powerful ways to crack the bank of various types of reading comprehension twists. There are then sentence completion challenges (with tricky vocabulary demands).  In-depth discussion and analysis of verbal decoys, tricky language and word lures. Finally there are the two analytic writing tasks to be analyzed from a variety of angles. Writing prompt examples are considered in depth. Further test attitude work and study guidelines are also given.