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  • Join  with Mark Wahl’s 25 years of test prep experience; cut to the chase efficiently and go deep, all at a low cost.

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  • Online live interactive video format beats canned videos and droning talking heads. See: The Quality Difference. Have to miss or re-view a class? All classes are recorded!

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  • Experienced + Efficient
  • Streamlined Strategies
  • No Franchise or Brand Premiums
  • Build At-Home Practice Ease
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Mark’s personal, interactive course versus the corporate:

Upcoming Schedule

Remaining Course classes are live up to August 1. All videos of live classes as they happen before August 1 become available with $295 purchase of the series.

This course was originally created by Mark Wahl to provide GRE prep in the Seattle area. He developed GRE prep methods  enjoyed by thousands of satisfied students from a variety of ages and backgrounds. A good share of them came from the University of Washington, and a good share of those were recruited by the University of Washington Women’s Center. The takeaway:  Mark is an original, he is effective and his students like the classes and spread the word!

Of course you don’t need to be in Seattle, you can be anywhere beyond Seattle, Washington or even the USA and still enjoy his new online course. Expect, with Mark’s online, friendly approach, to experience confidence, real clarity, common sense, very personal treatment, and some good sporadic humor as you tackle the new GRE. He can also speak with you about any unique situations you face with GRE prep. Expect no less than that his widely acclaimed Seattle-developed GRE Prep Course will lead you through a transformation of your testing approach.

Remember, Mark is not a newby instructor (common to the bit prep-mill courses) trained by a corporate manual. He is an educational specialist of years’ experience who custom-designed and taught his own SAT, GMAT and GRE courses. Get Mark’s expertise in an  expanded, and more accessible course–just a few clicks and you’re in! No Seattle (or elsewhere) traffic! You can conveniently register by Paypal or credit card. And take the free personal assessment to see how you look before starting prep: Mark will discuss it with you. And feel free to call 360-221-8842 if you wish to personally discuss with him any aspect or concern .

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